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Puppies  on the way!!!

We have three litters due this fall (2017)

Summer is due 9-10-17 with a litter of blenheims and tris.  summer is a pretty blenheim lady.  Dad is my new guy, Campbell Stands All That Glitters. (Sterling).  Sterling is a fabulous  Small Tri. weighing only 14 lbs.   Summer weighs 14 lbs.

Cookie is also due in Sept, and always has sweet personable puppies.  Father is also Sterling. These will be blenheims and tris. Cocokie weighs 16 lbs.

Gypsy is due in Oct, and these will most likely be all Tris,.  They will be ready to go to homes by christmas eve.  Gypsy is a tiny girl at only 12 lbs. so these will most likely be small Cavaliers.

Deposit  of $500.00 will hold your choice.  Puppy prices range from 1850.00 to 2250.00


Hi,  I would like to welcome you to the world of wonderful, companion Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  I do not breed for the show ring.  I breed Cavaliers to become a member of your homes and families.  Each and every puppy that I breed is a lifetime commitment for both you, as the buyer and for me, as the breeder.  My puppies, regardless of the reason, always have a home back here with me.

Abby with Bailey(puppy)

Cavaliers from Atlanta Cavaliers,  are bred for their genetic health, temperment, intelligence, and personality.   We feel that those are the traits that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is truly about.We are a small breeders,  so we do not always have puppies available.  We do in fact,  many times have waiting lists for puppies from specific mommas, or for certain colors  and or markings.  All our dogs are AKC Registered.


As breeders of Cavaliers,  we do not care where you get your Cavalier,  but want to stress that you research the breed.  Know the pros and cons.   Be aware of  health and breeding issues.  Read the contract you are offered (most all good breeders require a contract).  Ask about the guarantee for the puppy and your responsibilities in regards to that guarantee.   That guarantee is only as good as the person standing behind it.   Many of the guarantees require that you return the puppy.  If you are like us, you already love that puppy and regardless of the issue that brings you to the point of having to look into the guarantee, you could not even consider returning your puppy.  That, in essence actually makes that guarantee worthless.

Dr. Abby Huggins of Terrill Mill Animal Hospital

Dr. Abby Huggins

Our Guarantee allows you to keep your puppy if you like.  We will work with you to resolve whatever the issue is.  If that means Vet care, or if that is percentage off another puppy.  We will give you several options, the choices are yours. We just want you and your new Cavalier to be happy, healthy and a perfect fit for one another for life.

Much of the information you will need to make a good decision about your new family member can be found here on our website.  We are also available if you have questions or concerns regardless of where you obtained your Cavalier.

Welcome to ATLANTA CAVALIERS,  you are already a member of our family.

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